The Crow Reboot Lands At Sony

The on again off again remake of The Crow has been shopped around for several years now and now it has landed at Sony.  The studios feel they need to reboot The Crow after the 1994 original was a box office success and spawned one theatrical sequel and some direct to video sequels no one should watch.  The 1994 original stared the late Brandon Lee and has quite the following over the years and many feel this is a movie that just needs to be left alone and not rebooted.  We tend to agree with that as the 1994 version sits well enough on it's own.  Rumors are the film is now called The Crow Reborn but no word on who will star or direct.  Just a lot of rumors of various people who have been attached to the project at one time or another.  Perhaps the film will just sit at Sony for a while until it just goes away completely.