The Rebel Radio Podcast Episode 97 Now Playing!

After a week off we have returned and in this episode we talk the 1998 anime classic Akira!  In a post nuclear war future, biker gangs run the streets of Neo-Tokyo but when their friend Tetsuo has his telekinetic powers inside him awoken, his buddy Kaneda and the others find themselves in a race to stop Tetsuo from going mad while also battling the government hiding secrets and more!  It's one of the greatest animes of all time and most peoples introduction to the genre in Western civilization!  We discuss the film and our thoughts on this animation classic!
Also on the show we tell you what we have streamed, watched, or played in Download This and discuss all the trailers that have hit in the last two weeks since our last show!  We also preview next episodes film, Kevin Smith's Dogma, and Mark tells you where he was last week and the experience he had at the Formula One race!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!


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