Trust Me I'm A Jedi started in September 2009 as a simple idea of a blog and has turned into the site it is today through hard work and the support of the people who read it everyday!  We have evolved from news posts to bring you podcasts, feature articles, and more!  We thank you for your support!

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Let's Meet Your Staff!

Mark Neiser  

Editor In Chief & Creator Of TrustMeImAJedi.com; Host Of The Rebel Rado Podcast

Bio: Once upon a time I saw a movie called Star Wars, the rest was history. 

Credentials: Created and ran a fan site for the band Taproot for 7 years at mirrorsreflections.com  Also is the editor for comicpalooza.com's blog. 

Frank Davidson "Biscuit" 

Rebel Radio Co-Host

Bio: Once upon a time I watched Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo.  It changed my life.  Now here I am.  But sadly, I'm not a break dancer.

Credentials:  Co-hosted about half of the 95 episodes of Rebel Radio when it was an internet radio station show and is a Warhammer afficiando, comic book fan, and just a big geek like the rest of us.

Matt "The Electric Monkey" Childs  

Rebel Radio  Co-Host

Bio: Once upon a time I watched a movie called Billy Madison.  I realized then I did Kindergarten all wrong.

Credentials:  Was a frequent guest on Rebel Radio when it was an internet radio show and has now returned to bring his unique perspective to the podcast version of the show.  He also owns almost every Arnold Shcwarzenegger movie.

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