Time Capsule Thursdays is where we want to take you on a  trip through time to revisit a lost toy, movie poster, or some other oddball item that you might have forgotten or remember having in your childhood!  It's time to dig into the time capsule and have some fun!  Have something you want to see featured? Email us at trustmeimajedi2009@gmail.com

Masters Of The Universe 30th Anniversary (1987)
The First Spider-Man Cartoon (1967)
Con Air Turns 20 (1997)
The Adventures Of Indiana Jones Toy Line (1982)
Unproduced Vintage Star Wars Figures (1977 - 1986)
Grindhouse: Planet Terror & Death Proof (2007)
Planet Of The Apes Books & Records (1971)
Robocop: The Animated Series (1988)
Robocop & The Ultra Police (1988)
Universal Monster Collectibles 
The Last Starfighter Unproduced Action Figures - 1983
X-Men The Arcade Game - 1992
Prince - "Batdance"
Superman Movie Serials
Batman '66 Is 50 Years Old

Star Wars Early Bird Action Figures (1977)
Flash Gordon 35th Anniversary 
Moonraker Trading Cards
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Alien Toys For Kids 
Universal Monsters!
Meet Sky Captain!